Saturday, March 7, 2009

link to the the manifest pre-roll video clips

i am not sure how to post these short video's with here is a link two favorites are davis and huf...i also would have liked to see schaff get one, because i am 34 years young and have been enjoying his steeze for a long long time...but they are all cool. if you have not checked the manifest yet go to the deluxe homepage and get in there...monday more interviews go live.

i cannot wait for the full length real's time.

deluxe distribution is now on facebook

i know i know, bewteen all the blogs, websites, myspaces and such...facebook is another one of those things you need to keep track off and remember passwords and shit...anyways, please become a fan of the Deluxe Distribution facebook and please tell your friends...thanks for the support: CLICK HERE

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

tahitian treat

stefan from a-spot skateshop in tahiti came through deluxe last week. he started his shop there more then 10 years ago and is still making it happen through the ups and downs, he is the man. he also built this metal buidling and this wooden bowl, just to keep some solid skate action rolling on the island, and if you ever go down there...he would love to get a session going, just dont expect to keep your shirt on, there is tropical heat and humidity you gotta battle.

mute to fakie

kickflip to fakie

stale fish like a mofo

big frontside ollie

another solid shot of mocki ellinger busting a switch front shove it down a set

felix polo may keeping mexico city lit - ride the fire

polo may

pics from the swedish fishbowl comp last weekend

enrico and david stenstrom rolled and repped deluxe for us - thanks sweden

click here to see all the pics from the event over at tacky

lucky lukas lerpeger sent some good pics and clips

Lukas Lerperger - Another Trauma from viennet revue on Vimeo.