Thursday, August 28, 2008

it's a joke.

a friend robi from slovenia sent me this teaser a few months back..and i was stoked then to see it, and super stoked again as i think it's great to see such dope stuff coming from far coners of the mad world we live in. he just updated me with the progress on the movie being and its delay due to music rights and clearance issues, we at deluxe know all about this.

MADWORLD premiering on sept 27th in slovenia, croatia, serbia, macedonia and bosnia & herzegovina

this is the stuff that keeps me going...good shit on a diy level

Monday, August 25, 2008

mirko from italy comes correct...

F.J. sent me this footage early this morning...Mirko rolls for Spitfire, Blueprint, Lakai...and throw's down.

Untitled from andrea zolin on Vimeo.

oyvind nissen from norway takes first place although everyone had a ripping weekend

Here is how it went down, or so Anders Sollie tells he is my connect in Norway and I am gleaming my little Deluxe cubicle. Basically three spots where chosen, and all skated for 1 hour and then judging went down at the end of the day. As on could imagine...people not only had fun but probably where breaking themseleve off. Oyvind Nissen who rides for Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Krew and Lakai...took first...but looking through the photo's from each looks like everyone deserves props, so a big shout out to Norway...and Anders for keeping us in the loop...roll forever and forever roll. Oh yeah from what I can tell a different colored shirt is worn at each that's a cool concept.

Click the three links below from each spot.

BSI 2008 from Playboard Magazine on Vimeo.

Clicke here for one of the spots!

Click here for the next spot!

Click here for the third spot!